The latest of the automotive world; Glass Seen-Coating

Perhaps many motorists feel annoyed with glass that easily overgrown by fungi. Not a few people who complain about their frosted glass and was disturbed by the presence of these fungi. Mushrooms on glass often appear on time after rain and require extra time and the need to repeatedly salon car-only to eliminate the fungus that appears on your windshield every time it rains and washes the car under the scorching sun. So far, not a lot of glass that can be separated from the affairs of the glass just because most fungi are made of tempered glass or laminated which in this case is only manifested in a strength and weather resistance but not fully functioning optimally. Even so there is a real glass that can be used to remove mould, or at least not touched by a fungus and is the most recent breakthrough ever in the automotive world, so there’s glass for car that we should know.

Seen Glass Coating, Nano Coatings based Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) for the windshield, so that fungi / crust does not appears / d 24 months, with only 1-time coating. Layers “non-stick” GLASS-SEEN-COATING specifically designed to reduce contact between the glass surface with dirt particles. Effects Hydrophobic and oleophobic causes particles such as oil, dust, liquids, including water with mineral content specific cause glass molds, and other materials resulting from pollution are difficult to stick to the glass, so it can be very easy to clean, without using tools, fluids, or medication, special abrasive.

The advantage in using Glass Seen-based Silicon Dioxide Coating is to improve visibility, it affects the motorists who daily use private vehicles to the workplace and surrounding areas. Hydrophobic surface improves visibility by 33% compared with ordinary glass, allowing you to drive more safely and comfortably during heavy rains. Plus a hydrophobic surface improves visibility for the entire glass including areas not reached by the wiper. Second, increased responsiveness, drivers who drive with hydrophobic glass respond to road conditions and hazards 25% faster than an ordinary car driver with glass. Precious seconds it makes a huge impact.

Third, High-Speed ​​Safety. At speeds above 50 km / h, the water on the surface of the glass slide directly above the wind. This makes the rider becomes easier to see the road conditions, even in the wiper die and most importantly is easy to clean; hydrophobic and oleophobic effects cause particles of dirt, water, and oil will be difficult to stick to the windshield and provide protection from dirt particles, fluids, and mineral content in the water or rain water that causes mildew on the glass.

So aside from tempered glass and laminated glass, there is at least one more glass that is destined for your car. Glass is a new breakthrough so that you do not have to bother bitching about mould growing on your windshield. With this glass, your concerns about the fungus are gone, but if you are too lazy to change the type of glass you like this or are too lazy to clean with a cleanser that contains silicon dioxide, the Arizona Auto Glass be the answer. Arizona Auto Glass is able to fix your glass of any type, either tempered or laminated.

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