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Tips to choose a condo unit that meets your desire

Live in Singapore and want to buy a condo instead of buying a family house? If you then simply answer yes, perhaps we will suggest you consider artra first. It is really challenging if not totally confusing on how to select the right condo unit in Singapore, especially when you have a ton of options available out there. To make the selecting and making decision process easy, it is good to check out the tips below.

1. Choosing the right condo unit type

The developer may offer various type of condo units depending on the project developer and the prestige of the property itself. There is the condo unit type that is suitable for a single guy to the type of condo that is good to choose for those who want to have 5-bedroom. Surely, one of the various types will fancy your desires, but it is not easy to make the choice. Common condo unit types are as following:

– Studio units
– Bedroom units
– Loft
– Penthouse
– Dual key

If you are unsure about the best unit type, it is not a matter to involve the real estate agent to show some of the best options for your needs and desires.

2. Check the unit and building security

You are going to buy a certain condo unit type, but thinking the security of the entire area is crucial. Security is deemed to be very important, especially on condos where everyone can easily get in and out. You can assess what type of security system the developer uses to secure the tenants 24 hours per day. You will like the unit on the first three floors if the convenience and accessibility buy you out. Instead of the using the elevator, you can benefit from the stairs.

Take time and ask yourself if what you desire is really the right condo unit.