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What is vaping?

Vaping is the electronic version of smoking, you’re burning a tobacco that generates some smokes while you’re inhaling it. If you’re using the electronic smoke, e-liquid in the tank or cartomiser are heated until it becomes the liquid steam, then this steam will be inhaled. Go to our website to get volcano vaporizer sale offer right now!

Due to the use of steam in the electronic smoke, it’s called as vaping.

Why vaping isn’t considered as smoking?

The electronic smoke isn’t containing one of the 4000 poisonous chemicals and the cancer triggers that have been found in the tobacco smoke, and that makes vaping becoming the alternative and healthy way to smoke.

The electronic smoke isn’t included in the English “No Smoking” signs, so it’s legal to vaping anywhere, it’s make them ideal to be used while working, travelling, and much more.

The electronic smoke doesn’t have the health risk for the passive smokers.

With the E-Cigarette, there is no skin and teeth color change, there won’t be any smoke smell on the hair and clothes, and you won’t have any smoke breath.

Is vaping could be an alternative way to stop smoking?

The electronic smoke or cigar isn’t sold as the method to stop smoking even though there are many people who use it for this particular reason.

There is product that has been sold as the alternative way to smoke, however, we like to think about the vaping as the way to reduce the negative impact for the smokers, due to the worry about the people health that has been caused by the smoking habit.

Does vaping popular?

Vaping is incredibly popular! Even the number of smokers are keep declining while the number of the electronic smokers are keep increasing around the world at the astonishing rate!

Due to many brands and model of e-cigarette that available, the big vapers community online keeps on spawning. There are so many forum, blog, and websites that attracted many people by discussing the vaping such as the e-liquid flavours, e-cigarette models, and the newest mods.