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The unique and multi-function door design that could inspire you

Double Glazing Zone – windows & doors – The door is a mediator point that can bring us from one room to another. The existence of door is very essential in the interior of a house. For all this time the shape, type, the design of the common door is already well-known and it’s considered to be boring. However, for the creative people with tons of ideas to develop the design of the multi-function door, their ideas can be your inspirations.

The Ping Pong door by Tobias Fraenzel

This cool and multi-function door is suitable for your kids who love sports. This ping pong door is originally designed by Tobias Fraenzel. You just need to flip the door around 90 degrees and the ping pong table is ready to be played. After you have finished your game, you just need to flip it back, and it will become a door again.

The Curtain door of the Matharoo Associates

This door that made by the Matharoo Associates has reserved for a diamond merchant in India. The door designed with the 17m in height and 5,5m width, consist of 40 pieces of solid Burmese teak wood. Each piece can rotate due to the series of complicated machinery. The hidden single shaft works as the stabilizer and there are also 80 cushion balls, and 160 pulleys. Every time you open the door, each solid wood block will gradually move away and welcome you.

The Shattering door by Leandro Erlich

This cracked wood design door is designed by the Argentinian artist, Leandro Erlich. This door that’s called The Shattering door has been exhibited in the Luciana Brito Gallery in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Those are the unique door designs from the famous artist and designer around the world. We hope that this info won’t just give you more knowledge about the unique door designs, but it will also give you more inspirations on the way you decorate your home. Be creative