The Body of Motorhomes

Before looking for a Motorhome for hire, you should know in detail about each aspect regarding this type of vehicles, including its body. It is, indeed, important to understand about the body of the motorhome you are going to hire as what makes each of the motorhomes different from one another. So, here is a little explanation to help you know better about this matter.

The converted vans retain the original bodywork of the vehicle. They are distinguished externally from the other vans only by additional openings such as bay windows, vents, etc., but several models retain several amenities specific to motorhomes such as toilet, TV, fridge or even shower.They are more discreet and of a size often less important than the other camper vans, they often do not have a permanent bed and the living space is smaller, they are generally suitable for couples without children, a vehicle too bulky. They are more manoeuvrable and faster than a camper van and, being less than 2 meters high, they do not suffer from extra cost on the motorways. They also allow for unrestricted mobility within cities and the use of parking areas for passenger vehicles.

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